Susan Gouveia
Founder of Society of Garden Goddesses

Welcome! My name is Susan Gouveia and I founded The Society of Garden Goddesses® (now a group of 550 men and women) in 2010.

My love of gardening  led me to my discovery that there was a need for women to connect & share their adventures, tips, and struggles in the garden. By hosting monthly dinners- “Garden Chat”- we have all grown tremendously in our gardening knowledge.

“We share tips, recipes and lots of laughs!” I wanted to take the seriousness and chore out of gardening and cooking and get people excited about experimenting with food grown in one’s own garden. I have  been creating my own recipes and teaching children for 40 years!

My mission is to learn to garden more sustainably and share this knowledge. I am striving to only  have a positive  impact on our environment-no pesticides or chemical fertilizers,  reducing and recycling waste. Feeding my soil with homemade compost and natural amendments enables me to bring healthy, vital, fresh food to the table!

Currently, I am  volunteering as a trained Master Gardener in the community by assisting with gardening workshops  and helping to educate people to sustainably  garden. For additional fun, I have begun what I hope to be a lifetime of enrichment through travel and learning  from other gardeners around the world.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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