Celebrating At Our Annual Harvest Festival

Enjoying each others company at our annual co-ed Harvest Festival where we get to celebrate and share the production from our gardens.

Prosperity Table Filled with Treasures

Prosperity Table Filled with Treasures


The Largest & Most Exotic Squash Contest Winners:

Most Gerth – Mary Marlet – Starbuck’s Card
Longest – Mary Marlet – Starbuck’s Card
Most Poundage –  Nadia Young – 2 Hours of Garden Help!!
Bianca’s Choice Creative – Donna Abreu & Weiss Nursery – Starbuck’s Card
Lindsay’s Choice – Just How She Likes It – Dana – Starbuck’s Card
Kimberly’s Choice – “Zenchinni” – Jeanne – Starbuck’s Card


Recipe Contest Winners:
1st Place – Lulu with Mapo Tofu – 2 Hours of Garden Help!
2nd place – Brandy with Pomegranate Salsa – $25 Gift Card
3rd Place – Bianca with Apple Pie – $15 Gift Card
4th Place – Masha with Russian Potato & Mushroom Dish – $10 Gift Card